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Booster Meeting Minutes- May 16, 2012

Posted Friday, July 13, 2012 by Rica Fernandez
 Northview Cheer Booster Meeting Minutes
May 16, 2012
Rica Fernandez Angie Perez
Maria LeGaspe Mitzi Centeno
Jennifer Zesati
Missing: Betty Jauregui Chandra Sutton
Charlotte Macias Felicia Marsh
Nanette Medina
1.0 - General Meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm Information
2.0 –New Faces Two new moms wanted to join the boosters:
- Mitzi Centeno
- Jennifer Zesati
- Welcome ladies to the NHS Boosters! Thanks for joining.
3.0 – Fundraiser Cookie Dough
– Cookie Dough fundraiser is for individual profit. All participants
would get 40% profit towards the price of the uniform.
- Profit made on cookie dough was $2,503.20.
- 22 extra cookie dough tubs were ordered because the
company would not split up cases. Extra tubs will be
- Cookie dough pick up will be Thursday 5/31/12 from 6-7 pm
in NV big parking lot
4.0 - Fundraiser
Clothes Drive
- Maria is coordinating another clothes drive; date is 3/16/13.
- Date can be moved up if there are any cancellations
- Profit goes toward ________________
- Booster moms in attendance recommend each girl bring 1
bag of clothes to the very first day of summer practice.
- Next scheduled bag will be first day of hell week
- Next scheduled bag will be after the holidays
5.0 – Fundraiser Root Beer Float at Albertsons
- Maria is coordinating selling root beer floats at Albertsons
- Profit goes toward ______________________
- First date will be 6/9/12
- Maria will be calling the manager to see if this date will work
- Once confirmed sign up sheet will be available for
girls/parents to work shifts
6.0 – Fundraiser Shakeys
- Rica will be contacting Shakeys for 7/11 or 7/18
- Rica will make sure no other clubs are having events that
day in order to maximize profit
- Profit goes toward _________________________
- Representative needs to be present for three hours
Northview Cheer Booster Meeting Minutes
May 16, 2012
- Receipts are put into a jar at the register
- Rica to prepare flyers
7.0 – Fundraiser In N Out Truck
- Mitzi will be contacting In N Out to schedule the truck to
come to NHS.
- Girls could presale food tickets during the week of
registration by the library
- Scheduled shifts since registration days are about 6 hours
long over 5 days in late august
- Great way to kick off school spirit and has been a money
maker for the football games
- Mitzi will be giving the emails of our Booster officers for the
In N Out rep to contact
9.0 – Next
Next meeting is scheduled for 6/20/12 at 6:30 pm; location to be
Meeting closed 8:06 pm

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