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Booster - Meeting Minutes July 26, 2012

Posted Monday, August 13, 2012 by Chandra Sutton
Meeting was called to order at 6:38 pm @ Shakeys
Two new moms wanted to join the boosters:
-          Mitzi Centeno
-          Jennifer Zesati
-          Welcome ladies to the NHS Boosters! Thanks for joining.
Clothes Drive
-          Rica stated Maria said that the clothes drive is still on. However, there is an issue with clothes being stored on school grounds. If we want to move the date earlier than March 2013, Goodwill also has a service where all we have to do is fill up the truck and we get a percentage of the total as a donation. Maria to find out more details such as how big is the truck and what our profit would be.
Root Beer Float at Albertsons
-          7/26/12: Charlotte will be checking with the manager of Albertsons for this the availability to hold at Albertson’s Covina. Maria won’t be able to coordinate this event
-          Profit goes toward TEAM
-          Once confirmed sign up sheet will be available for girls/parents to work shifts
-          We will be shooting for this fundraiser for August 2012.
-          7/26/12: Fundraiser is being held tonight. Turns out that out of 42 girls on the squad, 11 girls showed up and participated. Boosters board has authority to change from TEAM to Individual. 
In N Out Truck
-          6/20/12: Mitzi said that she was told it a baseball fundraiser only and not available to Cheer – Mitzi to investigate and confirm with Mr. LeDuc with Rica.
-          Mitzi will be contacting In N Out to schedule the truck to come to NHS.
-          Girls could presale food tickets during the week of registration by the library
-          Scheduled shifts since registration days are about 6 hours long over 5 days in late august
-          Great way to kick off school spirit and has been a money maker for the football games
-          Mitzi will be giving the emails of our Booster officers for the In N Out rep to contact
7/26/12: Invoices have been passed out to all girls. 8 girls have not made an attempt to pay or contact Boosters for arrangements. Varsity (vendor for uniforms) stated we were late on paying off the balance. Late fees are assessed after October and if balance is still outstanding in November, can’t participate in competitions. Four girls have no contact information available. We are in the red again and need assistance from the parents.
Camp gear and camp clothes need to be paid immediately
Currently there are 6 girls that have not made any attempt to pay anything towards their balance. The amount that was communicated at the parent meeting was an estimate. Actual cost invoices went out week of 6/20/12 with the cheerleaders.
New -> Uniform $706 + Camp $800 +Comp $300
Returners -> Uniform $665 +Camp $800+Comp $300
Again, if the fees are not received, the cheerleaders will be wearing generic shorts and shirts from Kmart for participation during camp and the games.
Camp is August 7-10. Transportation to/from Camp is the responsibility of the parent. Suggest carpool with roomates. List of items to bring will be passed out week of 7/30/12
Phone tree will be established for parent calls. Betty to email list to Booster moms. List will be divided between the moms for parent reminders
Paint for posters needs to be ordered. Paper supply is sufficient. Cheerleaders to take inventory; Boosters will pay for paint
7/26/12: Fundraiser due week of 7/30/12. 
Cup/Popcorn Bucket Fundraiser (July)
·         This fundraiser is for  INDIVIDUAL PROFIT
·         Suggested sale items is minimum 20 items
·         Jennifer Zesati will coordinate fundraiser
Betty to text Krystle regarding amounts for 2012-2013 budges
Beach Party planning in process
·         Date to be sometime in July
·         Include Cheer and Football
·         Chandra to contact Football Boosters for availability
Meet and Greet BBQ for Cheer and Family
·         August 2, 2012 – to be held on a Thursday before camp
·         To be held at Northview by the stage towards the back parking lot
·         Charlotte to find out availability of delivering big bbq grill
7/26/12: Scheduled for August 24,2012 at Betty’s house
                Will be for individual profit fundraiser
                Tickets will be $25.00 for dinner and non-alcoholic beverage
                Donations/gifts will be accepted for raffle
Planning in Process
Will be Individual profit fundraiser
Scratch off Fundraiser in planning
Chandra will be uploading dates/meeting
Banquet this year will cost $25.00 per person. The purpose of fundraising is to assist the girls with their uniform and to offset the cost of the banquet for each girl. With 42 girls total, and 8 that haven’t paid anything on their uniforms, it is shocking that we don’t have a more positive reaction to fundraising. We have two fundraisers a month – one for individual and one for team.
Positions for NHS Booster Board 2012 – 2013 :
·         President – Rica Fernandez
·         Vice President – Angie Perez
·         Treasurer – Betty Jauregui
·         Secretary – Chandra Sutton
In March 2013, these positions will need to be shadowed for next years’ board. Positions for next year will be chosen at the end of the year.
Next meeting is scheduled for 8/15/12 at 6:30 pm
Meeting closed 8:15 pm

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