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Booster Meeting Minutes - Sept 10, 2012

Posted Wednesday, September 19, 2012 by Chandra Sutton
Northview Cheer Booster Meeting 04 Minutes
September 10, 2012

                                Rica Fernandez                                                                 Angie Perez
Betty Jauregui                                                                   Chandra Sutton
                                Nanette Medina                                                              Charlotte Macias
Mitzi Centeno
1.0 - General
Meeting was called to order at 6:49 pm @ NVHSs
2.0 - Fundraiser Clothes Drive
Rica stated Maria said that the clothes drive is still on. However, there is an issue with clothes being stored on school grounds. If we want to move the date earlier than March 2013, Goodwill also has a service where all we have to do is fill up the truck and we get a percentage of the total as a donation. Maria to find out more details such as how big is the truck and what our profit would be.
3.0 – Fundraiser
Root Beer Float at Albertsons
9/10/12 – with the news that Albertsons will be shutting their doors, Charlotte said she’ll check to see if a fundraiser at Albertsons is still available.
Ø 7/26/12: Charlotte will be checking with the manager of Albertsons for this the availability to hold at Albertson’s Covina. Maria won’t be able to coordinate this event
Ø Profit goes toward TEAM
Ø Once confirmed sign up sheet will be available for girls/parents to work shifts
Ø We will be shooting for this fundraiser for Fall 2012.
4.0 – Football Games
We have the opportunity to sell items only at the Homecoming and Senior Night games. All profit will be for TEAM for the Cheer banquet. Items discussed to be sold:
Ø Cookies
Ø Cupcakes
Ø Fruit bowls
5.0 – Shoe Fundraiser
Shoe fundraiser being coordinated by Angie. All old shoes (must be paired) to be brought in and will be picked up.
Ø All profit going to Team for Cheer banquet
Ø Angie to develop flyer
Ø Rica to determine date
6.0 – Chocolate Fundraiser
Nanette stated that chocolate is available for fundraising. Boxes can be prepaid by parents for $104 with a 50% profit of $208.!! Profit would go to TEAM. Information at www.efundraising.com.   Members to discuss and approve.

7.0 – Payments
9/10/12: Competition payments are due on 9/17/12 – information has been passed out
7/26/12: Invoices have been passed out to all girls. 8 girls have not made an attempt to pay or contact Boosters for arrangements. Varsity (vendor for uniforms) stated we were late on paying off the balance. Late fees are assessed after October and if balance is still outstanding in November, can’t participate in competitions. Four girls have no contact information available. We are in the red again and need assistance from the parents.
New -> Uniform $706 + Camp $800 +Comp $300
Returners -> Uniform $665 +Camp $800+Comp $300
8.0 –Sports Cup/Popcorn Fundraiser
9/10/12: Fundraiser was a success! 12 girls participated and the high seller was Scarlett Toreno with a profit to her account of $350. Congrats Scarlett!!
7/26/12: Fundraiser due week of 7/30/12. 
Cup/Popcorn Bucket Fundraiser (July)
·         This fundraiser is for  INDIVIDUAL PROFIT
·         Suggested sale items is minimum 20 items
9.0 – Budget
Betty to text Krystle regarding amounts for 2012-2013 budges
10.0 – Bunko
9/10/12: Scheduled for October 5,2012 at Betty’s house/Irwindale Center
                Will be for individual profit fundraiser
                Tickets will be $20.00 for dinner and non-alcoholic beverage
. Each girl sells min 4.
                Donations/gifts will be accepted for raffle
Planning in Process
11.0 – Fundraiser
Scratch off Fundraiser in planning
12.0 – Communication
Chandra will be uploading dates/meeting
13.0 – Banquet
Banquet this year will cost $25.00 per person. The purpose of fundraising is to assist the girls with their uniform and to offset the cost of the banquet for each girl. With 42 girls total, and 8 that haven’t paid anything on their uniforms, it is shocking that we don’t have a more positive reaction to fundraising. We have two fundraisers a month – one for individual and one for team.
14.0 – Parent Meeting
Parent meeting scheduled for 9/19/12 at 6:30 pm to discuss fundraising opportunities.
15.0 – Next Meeting
Next meeting is scheduled TBD. Meeting closed 7:49 pm
                                Rica Fernandez                                                                 Angie Perez
Betty Jauregui                                                                   Chandra Sutton
                                Nanette Medina                                                              Charlotte Macias
Mitzi Centeno
Missing:               Maria LeGaspe                                                                  Felicia Marsh
Jennifer Zesati

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